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Our business enterprise spirit:
  trustworthiness, optimism, try to be practical, creative trustworthiness —— loyalty, honesty, the optimistic — in reputation — is positive to heading up, loves passionately life cooperation —— solidify, help to make, the lets, responsible for creative —— not solid customary rules in , dare for first descend.  
first our target:
  Then develop the occupation pack for already term, provide for the public the high-quality product and service the foundation the outstanding brand, establish modern Employee"s troops between management model and high character of turning, bring benefit to the social people"s livelihood.
Management principle:
  Establish the complete business enterprise development programming and operate the management system perfectly, then it become whole group mutually have faith inOf the environment guarantees, positive listen to employee and customer"s opinions with suggest.Establishing unimpeded communication outlet as the employee liftsOpportunity that provide the development of growth, establish science, fair deal turn to test the system of , respecting the talented person and emphasize the talented person.
Behavior standard:
  The condescension is careful, cordial but independent, comprehend well, have to forgive the heart, respect the law, laws makes a point of the environmental protection, from fromBody 1:1 drop does to rise, making and should have for our business located contributionMarketing
  Not the period cheats the customer and have the necessarily line, not low ruin to go together, carry out advertised morals and high marksAllow and is responsible for to the product, is responsible for to the customer with fair and conform to the way of the business morals operate the business.
Personnel principle:
  Appoint fairly, promotion mechanism
  With the firm profession technique, the evaluation principle that rely on the resume to is primarily with experience etc.Not because of sex or race but creation the seesGive to punish to the relief to employ to the employee who have the good liking to show offComplete raining in offering plan .
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